What is TACDB

ประวัติความเป็นมา …http://www.tacdb-burmese.org  TACDB was founded in 1989 originally known as the International Action Committee for Democracy in Burma. A few years later, when the committee decided to focus its activities on Thailand and changed its name to the current “Thai Action Committee for Democracy in Burma “ or in short: TACDB. In 1996, TACDB beganContinue reading “What is TACDB”

TACDB runs DEAR Burma school

We work hard to help both male and female Burmese adults and children integrate smoothly into their communities and jobs. Together, with our volunteer teachers, we operate the school to improve the lives of over 1.000 (and growing) students each semester, giving them the strength, confidence, and educational skills to have the same chances thatContinue reading “TACDB runs DEAR Burma school”